FERPA supports Italian National Demonstration. Rome, 19 May.

To Ivan Pedretti, General Secretary Spi-Cgil, Ermenegildo Bonfanti, General Secretary Fnp Cisl, Romano Bellissima, General Secretary Uilp Uil.

Dearest Friends,

the demonstration of 19 May in Rome in support of your requirements to safeguard the Retired People of your country is very important for at least 5 reasons:

  1. Because the crisis cannot be shuffled off on the weakest and most helpless people as the elderly.
  2. Because your guidelines are based on the great quest for social justice, solidarity and equity in Italy as well as in other European Countries.
  3. Because the Government must listen and face Spi, Fnp and Uilp that represent more than 6 million people who have chosen to trust your Trade Union Organizations.
  4. Because Pensions, Health Service and Assistance are indefeasible right for the People who have worked for many years and always fought for Freedom and Democracy.
  5. Because your Demonstration is a signal and a meaningful message for everyone within the European Confederal Unionism.

F.E.R.P.A. fights for the rights of Retired People therefore it sides along with You and supports You. I will be with You on 19 May in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo.

A big hug,


Carla Cantone, General Secretary F.E.R.P.A.