As structures of the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation), the ETUC Youth Committee and FERPA are committed to the construction of a better Europe based on the principles of solidarity, equality, social justice and cohesion, peace and solidarity, including through the promotion of an intergenerational approach at all levels.


The ETUC Youth Committee and FERPA will endeavour jointly to build a real bridge between the generations of different countries and Europe as a whole, in order to:

  •  Ensure proper representation of the interests of young workers, the elderly and pensioners in the ETUC;
  •   Strengthen cooperation with European sectoral federations;
  •  Represent the interests of young people, pensioners and the elderly before institutions at all levels in optimal fashion through an intergenerational approach;
  •   Represent the interests of young people and pensioners in all aspects of the Social Dialogue and in particular in the ongoing negotiations to conclude a framework agreement between the European social partners on active ageing and intergenerational solidarity.

Raise awareness among young people and pensioners about an approach to employment based on the life cycle (lifelong). The current social, economic and demographic context requires immediate action to promote access for young people to quality employment, as promptly as possible after graduation, so that they can become independent, whilst enabling older workers to continue to constitute an integral part of the labour market as follows:

  •   By promoting an efficient transfer and transmission of knowledge to younger workers but also to more experienced workers. This is an aspect that should benefit from more extensive recognition and support to promote the reciprocal acquisition of knowledge and experience. In that respect, barriers between age brackets must be removed in the workplace. Employers and trade unions must support a more positive image of workers, be they young or older.
  •   Encourage the deployment of mentoring programmes in order to enable older workers to transmit their skills to their younger counterparts. Under mentoring, an older worker introduces and guides a younger worker in his social and occupational environment, thereby providing invaluable assistance in many jobs where contacts and networking are essential. Furthermore, younger workers can also transmit knowledge and skills to older colleagues.
  •   FERPA wants to tackle the theme of the ageing population, together with that of the young generations, since the elderly need young people and the latter can use the experience of their elders for their present and future, through mutual respect so as to improve European society in all countries.
  •   Create a dialogue between women from the Youth Committee and FERPA’s Women’s Committee.


    •   Appoint a permanent guest in the FERPA Executive Committee and the Youth Committee respectively;
    •   FERPA is intent on obtaining the right to vote in ETUC bodies as was the case at the last Congress for the Youth Committee;
    •   Raise awareness among young people and pensioners about the need for an equitable, fair and solidarity-based retirement system, underpinned by equality and social justice, through an ad hoc campaign;
    •   Encourage a specific initiative in places of remembrance to promote peace (young people, pensioners, the elderly and students);
    •   Organise a joint meeting of young and older people every four years between two congresses.